Sompt - The work on the garden continues in Sompt!!

When I first saw the house, the garden had been kept to a good standard with lots of grass, fruit trees and flowers to be seen. With all the work that has taken place over the past 3 years with the installation of fosse septic tanks, the digging of a hole for the swimming pool and of course the lack of maintenance it was looking a bit sorry for itself. Time to start work then.....

The grass is very high after a good growing summer!It soon becomes evident that it is going to take some time to clear
Some friends are called in to matter how old they are!!!!
We can at last find the peach trees again (although I'm sure they are not THAT toxic!!)We also find the old chicken shed again and set up a compost heap
And after a good amount of work the garden is getting back to looking good againThank you for all your help - very much appreciated