Sompt - A trip to Sompt in May 2008

I had my birthday at La Pagerie on our latest visit and had a chance to explore the area some more - spending days out at La Pagerie, Melle and Chef Boutonne. The weather was great which helped and we made use of the garden and new terrace.

With a new terrace at the back of the house, sitting in the sun is so much more of a pleasureEnjoying a late lunch with friends who were staying locally
Some exercise to work off that lunchOne of the walks around Sompt involves saying bonjour to the local residents
World Cup penalties - France beat EnglandWe now have a road name - Route de la Pagerie
My treat for the holiday - buying a slate bed pool table. Hours of fun!!We are really pleased with the look of the rooms which are now completed
One of our days out - this time to La Rochelle and the AquariumEnjoying the harbour at La Rochelle - could waste many an hour here!